Certificate from aikido world headquarters

The Lithuanian Aikido Aikijitsu Rengokai Federation (LAARF) was formed on 15th February 2005. The purpose of the LAARF is to collect, analyse and disseminate information about Aikido philosophy, history, traditions, techniques, and provide qualifications in Aikido’s traditional techniques of self-defence.

The LAARF co-ordinates the activities of the members of the Federation, by maintaining and improving qualifications, as well as developing relations with international martial arts organisations.

The Federation provides help for members to improve their individual competence and Aikido skills, as well as preparing Lithuanian Aikido specialists to a high level.

The LAARF was created the on the basis of the previous Vilnius Aikido Federation which had been active since 14th August 1996.

The president of the LAARF is Gija Amkoladze (4th dan).

More information about our club can be found here.

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